Human relationships and life transitions

A topic word for this essay is human relationships and life transition, with the focus words of adolescence (12-18 years).
Aim: This assessment items aims to provide the student with an opportunity to explore the physical, sociocultural (psychosocial) and moral/cognitive issues in further detail in relation to adolescence development, and to examine the development of self-identity, self-concept and /or self-esteem where relevant.
Use the work by at least one theorist: Piaget (cognitive development), Erikson (social development), Cooley (looking glass ‘self’), Rogers (self-concept and self-esteem), Bandura (social learning theory of development), Vygotsky (sociocultural development), Bowlby (attachment/parenting), Kohlberg (moral development), Gilligan (moral development).

This essay must contributes to nursing and midwifery practice (use at least two NMBA (2016) standards for practice (with reference to supporting elements/sub-points of these standards)). The reference list must include a minimum of 6 recent references (2011 onwards) and peer-reviewed journal articles.
I only require 5 body paragraphs without introduction and conclusion.

The first body paragraph is identifies and discuss of all normative (predictable) adolescence of the relevant physical, socio-cultural (psychosocial) and cognitive aspects of developmental stage using at least one theorist’s.
The second paragraph is to identify and describe one non-normative life transitions which may occur within adolescence stage using at least one theorist’s.

The third paragraph is discuss/describe/illustrate how self-identity, self-concept and/or self-esteem develops in adolescence supported by relevant literature.
The fourth paragraph is following on from the previous paragraph which will contain a definition (s) of terms, identify factors which may subsequently impact on adolescence self-concept during the normative (predictable) and non-normative (unpredictable) transitions in adolescence stages.

The last paragraph is to justify (provide a rationale) for how an understanding of the normative and non-normative physical, sociocultural (psychosocial) and cognitive aspect in adolescence stage contributes to nursing and midwifery practice, and identify (state/describe) at least two standards (NMBA, 2016) to support justification.

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