Human Resource Development: Training and Development

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  1. Research and analyze Problem Solving Methods and Models found in current literature to solve problems, increase productivity or enhance growth potential. List and discuss multiple problems resolution methods/ models. (select one case study from literature that utilized a specific problem/solution methods/models: include in the discussion, the problem, rationale for selection of the method/model and results post intervention).
  2. Research and analyze Evaluation Methods/Model identified in current literature associated with real organizational issues/problems. (Select one case study that utilized a specific evaluation method/model; include in the discussion, the problem, rationale for selection of the method/model and results post intervention.
  3. Interpret the Implications of Organizational Change
  4. Discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of the Practitioner and interpret current and future evolutions. Include in the discussion the rationale for the transformations.
  5. Explain the impact of Ethics; Personal, Professional and Organizational, and the effect they can have on an entire organization. Provide examples
  6. Create a statement of philosophy and professional standards that should be communicated to and practiced by all Human Resource Professionals

Reference page (all authors must be cited within text and on reference page per APA)

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