Human Resource Management homework help

In the final project, students will write a critical review of research papers that discusses contemporary topics and trends Human Resources field is facing.
Student Groups are assigned the following topics:
G1.  People Analytics: Using analytics to inform the organization decision-making
G2.   Is organization design for me? “Org Design Criteria”. Should HR be a part of this process?
G3.  OH, and HR: let’s get it together.
a. (Occupational health (OH) and HR practitioners represent the two professional groups most concerned with the health and well-being of people at work)


G4.  Investors and human capital: the role of HR leaders
(2015, the research found that 94% of investors believed culture was important to them when making investment decisions, and concluded we might reach a tipping point for the investment and wider business community in recognizing the value of people).Human Resource Management homework help
G5.  People and machines: from hype to reality–are robots coming to change the world of work?
G6.  HR Innovation Labs: Experimenting with new technologies and innovative HR solutions can enhance by installing an “HR Innovation Lab”. Big innovative organizations, like Deutsche Telekom and RABO bank, are investing in teams that focus on HR innovations and the applications of HR Tech.
G7.  AI to Improve HR Operations: AI-embedded HR technologies can also help companies improve employee experience. The employee experience begins with the candidate experience, and AI enhances the entire employee life cycle from recruiting through offboarding. AI can help businesses treat their candidates and employees as if they are loyal customers. Improving employee experience increases employee engagement and enhances company culture.
PS: G1 represents members of Group 1 and so on.
Rules & Instructions:
1.      Group Size: Between 5 to 6
2. Time of the Project: Almost 1 Month (28) days.
3.      Each student in the group must read at least one research paper on the chosen topic. Thus group will read five to six research papers collectively.
4.      After the read, each group writes a critical review on the topic at least 1,000 words & upto 1,300 maximum with using Harvard Referencing.
5. Line space 1.5, Font: Time News Roman, Font size: 12
Other Resources
A separate document explains the writing of the critical review. A sample structure is also given in the same document for your essay.Human Resource Management homework help

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