Human Resource Management homework help

1) Please analyze the handling of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the HR departments of German companies and compare or explain differences to BLM HR measures in at least one other selected country/culture. Human Resource Management homework help

2) Pay attention to an HR focus in the paper. HRM can influence the way companies act in many ways, such as intercultural diversity concepts, the shaping of corporate culture and values, training & communication tools, creating incentive systems, etc. Select a
suitable theory to critically explain the different approaches in Germany and another country of your choice.
(Best compare with USA since BLM is where it was originated)


3) Possible theories to use as foundation: I would put both Resource Based Theory and Institutional Theory together as they kind of go hand in hand with one another. Or if you can think of better ones, please use them.
4) I have consulted with my professor as she says the research questions are always depended upon how the research question is formed, but she also agreed with the theories I have chosen. Base on her opinion, she thinks these two theories directly popped up in her mind while thinking of the effect of BLM in HR department.
5) If possible, please also refer either Ghert Hofstede’s cultural dimension, Trompenaars’ theory or any other intercultural concept to explain any relevant factors might have an effect.
6) It is your call to decide on how to form the research question, I only wish you could st Human Resource Management homework help

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