Human Resource Management homework help

Communicate a change to a team using a selected channel, and report on a selected messaging tool.

Communication has changed over the years, and this has affected how we communicate with each other in our personal and professional lives. We all use different communication tools every day, such as text, email, video, and computer software. There are many benefits to this, and one of these is collaborative communication. For example, multiple people can make changes on one document using services like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 and others! Human Resource Management homework help

Assessment Instructions
For this assessment, you will select a channel and digital tool to use as a way to encourage employee engagement from your whole team. To successfully complete this assessment, complete the following two parts.


Part 1

  1. Think about your current work environment or a previous work environment. You may also choose to think about the company and manager (Sara) you’ve been reporting to in the past three assessments. Then, consider this scenario: Your manager asked you to figure out a way to communicate a change to the rest of the team within the next week. Although your manager discussed this within a face-to-face meeting, you know that you won’t have the time or ability to personally meet with every member of your team, as they are located all around the country.
  2. Choose a change to communicate. An example of a change could be a new hire, a resignation, or new hours of business. You may use a change that has happened in a current or past workplace as well.
  3. Select the best channel for communicating this change. Refer to the Resources to learn about different channels. Think of the culture of the work environment and team you have chosen. What works for one team may not be the best choice for a different team.
  4. Write a brief summary (4–5 sentences) of why the selected channel is the most appropriate for communicating the change to this particular team. Human Resource Management homework help
  5. Use the four components of written communication—purpose, audience, tone, and structure—to describe how you would communicate the change using the selected channel. You do not need to actually use the selected channel. The length and complexity of the message should be appropriate for the selected channel.

Part 2

Moving forward, you realize it would be easier to use a messaging app like Slack or WhatsApp to communicate updates. Review the links to the messaging tools in this assessment’s Resources. Then, choose a digital tool that would be appropriate to communicate your message to your team in the future. Report on the tool, including:

  • Why it would be an effective tool for this purpose.
  • How your message may need to be modified to fit within the digital tool you’ve selected (consider formality, tone, length, et cetera).

Submit both parts to the assessment in one Word document. Human Resource Management homework help

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