Human Resource Management Homework Help

Human Resource Management Homework Help
The Question is :
So, we’ve come to the end of the course – fourteen weeks, twelve chapters, and countless conversations with your fellow classmates about your communication journey. Now, I want you to reconsider the first writing assignment you had in this class – your communication evolution. Now, you’re writing from the viewpoint of someone who has explored multiple facets of communication, including interpersonal communication. So, in order to evaluate how these three weeks have impacted you, let’s consider and answer the following thoughtfully: Human Resource Management Homework Help
How have the things that you’ve learned impacted the way that you communicate? What has been the biggest surprise about this evolution? What are some areas that you are proud of yourself for recognizing and working on during this time? What are some areas where you still have a great deal to improve? Was there anything that you learned about yourself or communication that has surprised you? Why? How can you use the information that you learned to help you in your future relationships?


This assignment is worth 15 points. You are to have a minimum of 300 words for this writing assignment. There is no maximum amount of words as you should write until you feel that you’ve answered all of these questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Please complete this assignment via a Word Document with size 12 font in Times New Roman. Remember that all assignments are due by 9:00 PM Human Resource Management Homework Help
My first writing about my problems was :
I love to communicate with people around me since I was ion school. I used to be a member in student council. I improved a lot of my communication there, but of course there is always a stage for improvement. I still need to improve my understanding of the importance of body language and how to control it. Most of the time when I communicate with people I give them wrong impressions that I didn’t mean. For example, I involuntarily fold my hand around my waist, which gives the listener the impression that I do not agree with him or against him. Also, I need to develop the tone of the voice, because I always get into problems and embarrassing situations during dialogues because of the tone of my voice. I have a voice that is considered relatively loud. The other person may understand that I am angry or trying to downplayed his opinion, but this is not the truth. Also, one of the problems that I frequently face is related to the language of the other person’s body. I am having difficulty understanding the other party if I do not see it. For example, I hate conversations on the phone because I do not see the person, and therefore I do not understand much of what he says or means. Sometimes I understand the opposite thing completely because I don’t see his body language. This problem appears in the dialogues in my mother tongue and in English, and this is what made me sure that there was a problem. I also face another problem because I am shy when I am around new people. This problem is disappearing day by day. When I am around my people I talk too much and say my opinion loudly, but with new people I prefer to stay in my comfort zone. Because of this, I don’t have too many friends in the USA. I even didn’t know that there are too many people from my country that study here! To solve this problem I started joining organizations and go out with new people. I also met a girl in this class who is the leader of Omani stunts organization. I joined that organization and I am going to meet more people this Friday. I will try to improve my skills as much as I can. I am good at listening to people face to face but I still need to improve listening to people without the body language. Since this class is online that mean there is no body language so my plan is to challenge myself by communicating with my classmates and understand them. Human Resource Management Homework Help
In this class we covered :
Chapter 1: The Human Condition
Chapter 2: The Human Communication Tradition
Chapter 3: The Difference Between Hearing And Listening
Chapter 4: Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 5: Small Group Communication
Chapter 6: Public Communication
Chapter 7: Library and Online Research Strategies
Chapter 8: Outlining and Supporting Your Arguments
Chapter 9: When and How to Use Technology to Augment Your Arguments
Chapter 10: Informative Presentations
Chapter 11: Persuasive Presentations
Human Resource Management Homework Help

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