Human Resource Management Homework Help

Human Resource Management Homework Help
You and Claudia have reached the end of your journey in this course, but you have only just begun on your quest to complete your degree. Although it seems like a goal that has many hurdles to overcome before you reach your final destination, you will be crossing that stage to accept your diploma before you know it. A key component of successful people is the fact that they can see themselves reaching their goals before they even arrive. You will get to do that with this final assignment. Human Resource Management Homework Help
For this assignment, you will write an e-mail to your future self. You will open this e-mail on your graduation day, once you have achieved your academic goals. The e-mail to your future self must contain the information below.


· Why did you choose CSU?
· What is your biggest motivation for completing your degree?
· Reflect upon how you felt when you first began this course. What were your initial fears?
· What are some of the learning strategies that you adopted to achieve your goals? Human Resource Management Homework Help
· What plan have you established to help balance all of your academic and personal obligations? Summarize how the plan managed your goals and priorities.
· Who is included in your support system?
· What is the best advice that you could share with future students?
· What are your plans for when you complete your degree?
· What are your strategies for career success once you complete your degree?
· Successful people are often lifelong learners. What strategies learned from this course will you apply to future learning opportunities?
Your e-mail must be a minimum of two pages in length.
Human Resource Management Homework Help

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