I Have A Philosophy Paper Due The 15th

Provide  a framework for your unique pedagogical practice. To do this summarize  the educational perspectives of any 3 philosophers studied this  semester.  Explain how you would apply their philosophy to the classroom  (any subject/ any grade). Make sure to use 1 quote per philosopher to  make your argument. Finally, provide 2 limitations of your unique  pedagogical practice.  So you will 1. Introduce the need for new and novel pedagogies 2.  Explain in brief the specific perspectives of the philosophers that  you propose to use in your classroom. Use 1 quote per philosopher. 3.Apply these perspectives to your classroom (any grade/any subject). Use specific examples. 4.Suggest 2 limitations of your unique pedagogy 5.Wrap up  Other notes Times  Roman, Font 12, double spaced, no less than 4 pages, a minimum of 3  references listed on the work cited page. Due by 12/16/17 by 10.00pm The attachment is a paper i had done for two philosophers all that has to be done is a convertion into the final papers rules, adding one more philosopher and step #4 on the list of instruction.

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