Image Processing

These are the modification I need
– The first sentence of the Introduction: Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) — Space between the term and abbreviation

– The third sentence of the Introduction: It is known — (not know)

– The last paragraph of the Introduction: Support Vector Machines (SVM) — (not machine) and a space between the term and abbreviation

– Please reference each of the KNN, SVM and CNN in the Introduction and places the references in the references section.

– The last paragraph should be: In this study, two dimensional CNN is introduced to accurately detect and classify DR using fundus images without the need of any extra preprocessing providing medical specialists the tools to better assess the disease and monitor its progression.

– Please add the paragraph that describes each section in the Introduction (usually the last paragraph of the introduction). As an example, a paragraph I used in a previous paper:

The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. An overview on narrowband spectrum sensing techniques is presented in section II followed by an introduction to wideband spectrum sensing in section III. A survey on the recently proposed sub-Nyquist spectrum sensing methods and theories is then discussed in detail in section IV. Section V presents a comparative study of the main sub-Nyquist spectrum sensing approaches. The conclusion and summary
are discussed in section VI.

– For the related work:

It is better if it is split into two paragraphs; the first paragraph describes SVM use in DR (2008) while the second paragraph describes CNN use. Please try to avoid describing the structure of CNN in the related work as it is well discussed in the CNN section.

– I would like to expand the related work section. Also, if you can place the CNN section above the related work. I believe it will be better.
– add more references.

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