Implementing coaching and mentoring

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Assessment method(s)


1.     Executive briefing

2.     Set of recommendations and support proposal

Learning outcomes:

1.     Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations.

2.     Understand the different ways coaching and mentoring can be implemented in organisations.

3.     Be able to support the implementation of coaching and/or mentoring programmes within an organisation.

Assessment brief/activity

You have been asked by an organisation which has recently diversified its business to help with the implementation of a coaching and mentoring programme. You have been asked to provide a brief to the executive team on current thinking around coaching and mentoring and some early ideas on how you might support them with implementing a robust programme of coaching and mentoring that meets their current and changing business needs. You have met with the HR department to assess the situation and have discovered that there is no formal coaching and mentoring programme per se. Any coaching and mentoring that does occur is ad hoc. There are no qualified coaches and mentors in the organisation and line managers generally don’t see it as their role. There is a willingness to formalise coaching and mentoring in the organisation but uncertainty about how to go about it. Performance reviews in the organisation have identified the need for employees to develop better customer care and IT skills as a priority.

Activity 1

The executive team have requested a briefing paper as the basis for an initial discussion. In your brief you should include:

·         An explanation of the terms coaching and mentoring, their similarities and differences, their respective purposes and key benefits for different stakeholders.

·         At least three different types of coaching and three different types of mentoring that can be implemented in organisations.

·         An evaluation of the role of line managers in coaching and mentoring.

·         At least five factors that need to be considered when implementing coaching and mentoring.

Activity 2

After your meeting with the executive team, you have been asked to provide them with a summary of your assessment of the current coaching and mentoring arrangements and advice going forward. In your report you should outline:

·         A set of recommendations based on your assessment

·         A summary of how you could contribute to the further development of coaching and mentoring in their organisation.

·         A witness testimony of how you have supported the implementation of coaching and/or mentoring within an organisation

Assessment Criteria

















1.1, 1.2






Evidence to be produced/required

Activity 1

An executive brief of approximately 1,500 words.

Activity 2

A set of justified recommendations and support proposal of approximately 1,500 words

All reference sources should be acknowledged correctly and a bibliography provided where appropriate (these should be excluded from the word count).


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