Individual Differences & Measurement

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Week One

Individual Differences & Measurement

Introductions: Making contact and introductions; locating resources; tech-check; clarifying course topics and expectations; introducing readings and first course assignments.

Assignment (1) Self-Assessment, due Sunday, Midnight

Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapters 2 & 3

Week Two

Job Analysis / Performance Measurement

Assignment (2) Select Paper Topic, due Sunday, Midnight

Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapters 4 & 5 • Allvin, M. (2008). New rules of work: exploring the boundary-less job. The individual in the changing working life. New York, N: Cambridge University Press. (pp.19-45).

Week Three 

Personnel Selection

Assignment (3) Term Paper Assignment, due Sunday, Midnight Assignment (4) Position Statement I, due Sunday, Midnight

Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapters 6 & 11

Week Four

Job Attitudes, Motivation, & Justice  

Assignment (5) Position Statement II, due Sunday,

Midnight Submit Term Paper Draft, due Sunday, September 26, 2016 Midnight

 Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapters 8 & 9 • Schneider, B., Gunnarson, S., & Niles-Jolly, K. (2007). Creating the climate and culture of success. Organizational Dynamics.

Week Five


Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapter 12 • Judge, Bono, Ilies & Gerhart. (2002). Personality and Leadership: A Qualitative and Quantitative Review. Journal of Applied Psychology, 765-780.

Week Six

Training & Development

Assignment (6) Position Statement III, due Sunday, Midnight

Readings & Resources: • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapter 7 • Schilling, J. & Kluge, A. (2009). Barriers to organizational learning: An integration of theory and research. International Journal of Management Reviews, 11, 337-360.

Week Seven

Organizational Change

Submit Term Paper, due Friday, Midnight Complete Final Exam, access available Monday, 9:00 am to Thursday, Midnight

Readings & Resources • Landy & Conte (2014). Chapter 14 • Swanson & Holton (2001). The nature of the change process (Chapter 13).  Foundations of Human Resource Development. San Francisco, CA: Berrett- Koehler, Inc. (p. 284-316).

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