Individual Written Assignment

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This assessment task provides students with a written exercise to assist in developing their critical thinking and understanding of some important management issues. It encourages students to research the topics, and to critically analyse and reflect on the issues presented in the materials provided. This information is then to be written up as a Business Report addressing the questions raised.

Assessment Details:

You must use the following Essential References and cite all of the references A-D.

View and analyse the YouTube clip

  1. Download, read and analyse the following articles:
  • Banerjee, S.B. 2011, Embedding Sustainability Across the Organization: A Critical Perspective, Academy of Management Learning and Education, vol. 10, no. 4, pp.719- 731.
  • Haugh H.M. and Talwar A. 2010, How do Corporations Embed Sustainability Across the Organization?, Academy of Management Learning and Education, vol. 9, no. 3, pp.384- 396.
  • Mahapatra, P.S. 2013, CSR in TCS – A Case Study, Parikalpana – KIIT Journal of Management, vol. 9, iss. 2, pp.76-81.
  • Thite, M. 2013, Interview with Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus Tata Group, Global Business Review, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 549-552.
  1. Read, analyse and apply theoretical aspects in Chapter 5 – Social responsibility and managerial ethics (pp154-194) in Robbins, S, Bergman, R, Stagg, I & Coulter M 2015, Management 7, 7th edn, Pearson Australia, Sydney.
  1. Consider the significance of the “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow” quote to your work and how it applies to theory.

Your report needs to:

  1. Research, Analyse, Synthesise and then Report on the Tata approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.
  2. Discuss approaches to managing culture and diversity of employment practices in Tata companies.
  3. Conclude by identifying 3 specific ideas that you might consider implementing in your future as a manager.

Report format:

Table of Contents

Executive Summary (150 words included in word count)


Body of the Report divided into the Tata approach to:

– Corporate Social Responsibility

– Sustainability

– Approaches to managing culture and diversity of employment practices


  • Identification of 3 specific ideas that you might consider implementing in your future as a manager.

Reference List (must be HARVARD)


1500 words (+/- 150 words).

References are not included as part of the word count.

Limit direct quotations to:

-1. Definitions

– 2. A specific quote used to expand on a point you have already made.

– No more than 100 words in aggregate – rather paraphrase and use multiple references of what is discussed in your sources.

The report should be well-formatted. The language used should be formal rather than informal and should be both clear and grammatically sound. Your written text should not include any spelling errors. Avoid using first person and write the report as if it was meant to be presented to a supervisor who was judging your ability to understand and summarise the main concepts and issues raised in the essential references and from your studies in Enterprise Leadership. ANALYSIS and SYNTHESIS are expected not DESCRIPTION.

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