Industrial Organization

Master in Agriculture Economics
Course:Industrial Organization
Report Title:Analysis of competition in the smartphones markets in the global.
For the essay you must
Select one market of your choice that is a relevant case for analysing marke structure, e.g.
dairy, sugar, meat, beer, retailers, banks, cars, trucks, mobile phones, smartphones, computer manufacturers, internet search engines

Report content:
In the essay you should
Briefly describe the chosen market
e.g. product(s), producers/sellers, buyers, trade, market outcome

Define the product boundaries and geographical boundaries of the market
• Explain why you decided to use these boundaries
• Discuss the appropriateness of these boundaries as well as of alternative boundaries
Describe and analyse the market structure
• Using e.g. the concentration curve, concentration ratios and/or the Herfindahl-Hirschmann index
• Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the measures and tools that you used for describing and analysing the market structure by referring to your specific example

Discuss to what extent you can derive the market power on the selected market based on your previous analysis
• Are there any other indicators that the companies in the market are exercising market power vis-à-vis does the market seem (perfectly) competitive?

• Finish your essay with a conclusion
Reading Book :The main textbook is Pepall, Richards and Norman (2008), Industrial Organization: Contemporary

Theory and Practice, Thomson/South-Western, 4th edition from 2008, ISBN:978-4051-7632-3
One list of possible sources can be found at

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