Influence of citizen participation in the local government decision-making process on public service delivery (access and quality): some evidence from Nottingham City Council

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This study aims to explain the role of citizen participation on the quality of public service delivery. Relying on evidence from Nottingham City Council, the study analyses the influence of citizen participation in the local government decision-making process as regards the quality of, and access to, public service delivery.Accordingly, the main research question for this study is:

  • How does citizen participation in the Nottingham local government decision-making process influence access to, and quality of, public service delivery?

The research focuses on the following hypothesis: the study assumes that if communities are not involved in the decision-making process at the local level, then the delivery of services would remain top-down and consequently would result in poor service at the local level. In this regard, the study assumes that citizen participation in the decision-making process at the grass-roots level would improve service delivery and enable sustainability.

In addition, this study attempts to answer the following research questions:

  • To what extent local citizens participate in Nottingham local government decisions?
  • To what extent Nottingham local government accountable to citizens for the decisions made?
  • How do citizens monitor and evaluate public services at Nottingham City Council?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of Nottingham local governance concerning people’s participation to ensure good public service delivery?
  • What are the obstacles to meaningful public participation in Nottingham local government?

The major approach to be used is the qualitative approach.

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