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I have an assignment due on the 9th of  December for the module digital transformation management its about carrying an analysis  of an organisation (private or public) of your choice and to provide an outline for its Digital Transformation. The organisation selected must be of such a suitable size that it merits analysis of a strategic transformational nature and it should potentially benefit from a digital transformation (e.g., an SME, a division of a multinational corporation, a small or medium-sized public organisation, or a division of a large public organisation). The analysis of the organization and the outline for its Digital Transformation should be guided by the themes below. Information Systems homework help

You should structure your submission as follows:

(a) An introduction to the report (c. 100 words)
(b) The main section where you address the required themes which are described in detail below (c. 2,800 words).
(c) Conclusion (c. 100 words)
(d) Reference list
(e) Appendices (if required).
In the Introduction to the report you should explain the rationales for choosing the organisation, the main aims of the report, and main theoretical framework(s) (e.g., a specific systems theory, neo- Schumpeterian theory) you rely on. Explain briefly the rationale for selecting a specific systems theory framework (e.g., activity theory) for your analysis. In the main section you should apply, where relevant, concepts, models and theories covered in the module, and from the digital technologies and transformation literatures in general. These concepts, models and theories should be used to analyse the specific organisation you have chosen and to provide an outline of its Digital Transformation. Information Systems homework help


It is recommended that you use the Harvard approach to citation and referencing appropriate for the Social Sciences (see the library website, which provides information about the Harvard style, citing Chinese sources etc.). Furthermore, it is recommended that you provide an end list of references and do not adopt other forms of referencing (e.g. in footnotes).
Appendices and references are not included in the word count. Appendices are regarded as supportive but not essential to the submission and therefore are not marked.
Themes to be addressed in the report
The main section of the report should address the following THREE themes:
1. The systems viewpoint to the organisation before the digital transformation
Analyse the organisation from a systems viewpoint (e.g. by using activity theory) with a focus on the period before the major digital transformation.
2 of 3
Include into this analysis:

  1. (a)  An introduction to the organisational context and to the nature of its business. Do not
    assume your reader will know about the organisation. If this has not been given in the introduction section, you should include sufficient information such as the purpose of the organisation, its structure, size and location, to enable the reader to understand your analysis.
  2. (b)  An overview of the organisation from a systems viewpoint, with a focus on understanding the interplay of digital technologies and other main tools, and of managerial and organisational factors (using one of the models covered in the module, if possible). Focus on those parts of the organisation that are relevant for a possible digital transformation process. Include external actors or organizations that affect the transformation of the organisation. Information Systems homework help

2. The factors driving the digital transformation
Analyse the factors that drive the digital transformation of the organisation using the concepts, models and theories covered in the module, and recommended wider reading.
Include into this analysis:

  1. (a)  An examination (for example, by using systems theory) of the key problems facing the organisation (before the digital transformation), and how digital transformation could help address these problems. Assess whether these key problems arise from the prevalence old technologies, old management models/business models/organisational paradigms, the changing context (e.g., new rivals, new regulations) and other key factors.
  2. (b)  Anexaminationofopportunitiesopenedbydigitaltransformation(e.g.,adoptingnewdigital technologies and organisational paradigms), e.g. the increase of productivity, the decrease of costs, improvements regarding performance, collaboration, innovation-capacity, sustainability etc.

3. Potential outcome and implementation strategies of the digital transformation
Discuss the potential outcome and implementation strategies of the digital transformation. Include into this discussion:

  1. (a)  Critically evaluate the current state of digital transformation (what has been transformed and what not) in your organisation—you can build on the analysis conducted in prior sections.
  2. (b)  Suggestthepossibleoutcomeofacomprehensivedigitaltransformation.Thesuggestions should adopt a systems viewpoint with a balance between the use of novel digital technologies and management/organisational aspects, and should be supported by a sound argument why this outcome represents a solution that benefits the organisation. The suggestions should not be presented as a list of recommendations. Demonstrate critical assessment of the outcomes of digital transformation efforts.
  3. (c)  Critically discuss some implementation strategies and aspects of change management to accomplish this outcome Information Systems homework help

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