Information Systems Homework Help

Information Systems Homework Help

Select a financial institution, high-tech manufacturer, or a hospital that has no fewer than 500 employees and provide guidance regarding the risks faced by the organization. Consider the organization that you select and name, as well as the industry in your response. Your guidance is directed to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as a result of the concern during a period where the Chief Security Office (CSO) is not available. You need to fill in for the CIO.
Review key external influences on risk and then outline the most important influences from within the organization. Start by selecting any appropriate laws, standards, frameworks, and theories that should underscore your guidance. Use the foundation to establish a strong framework allowing you to provide a convincing and logical response, leading to the acceptance of your guidance. Your response should be persuasive and supported by both scholarly sources and especially any relevant legislation, standards, frameworks, and theories. Despite the formal foundation, including a strong focus on practical issues and values. Note that the focus is on risk and guidance, not mitigation. Information Systems Homework Help


References: Support this part with no fewer than 6 scholarly sources published within the last five years and 6 quality Internet sources within the last three years.
Length: 5 to 8 pages
– Baskerville, R., Rowe, F., & Wolff, F.-C. (2018). Integration of information systems and cybersecurity countermeasures: An exposure to risk…
– Grohmann, A. (2018). Evolution of the cybersecurity framework. ISSA Journal, 16(7), 14-18.
– James, S. (2018). Enacting expertise: Ritual and risk in cybersecurity. Politics and Governance, 6(2), 31-40
– Stevens, T. (2018). Global cybersecurity: New directions in theory and methods. Politics and Governance, 6(2), 1-4 Information Systems Homework Help

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