Injury Management

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Injury management is generally commenced after an injury occurs and aims to achieve return to function and/or return to work.

Discuss this concept of injury management in theory and in practice, relating Injury Management to 1 similar concept, such as Disability Management as it relates to Workers Compensation Scheme in Victoria. Critically analyse the links between the Injury Management evidence base and current practice. Students may wish to start with p.748 of Westmorland and Buys (2002).

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to examine and understand Injury Management as it relates to similar concepts in theory and in practice. You need to identify national and international influences on Injury Management in Australasia.

Essay must address marking criteria :

Define and describe Injury Management based on published literature (primarily academic sources).

Relate the concept of Injury Mangagment to similar concepts in the literature and to Workers Compensation Scheme in Victoria

Evaluate 3-4 Injury Management processes, making specific links between the theory and the practice, providing evidence for both (i.e., academic and industry references).

Critically analyse the extent to which evidence based IM is implemented in practice providing evidence (e.g., references) from both the published IM literature and from industry/practice sources.

Demonstrate good academic essay writing skills utilising APA 6th style referencing.

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