Intellectual Property Case

 details Hank writes a book on business writing called Writing Right: Business Writing 101. It is a 10-chapter book, and each chapter is 20 pages in length. Min is a manager at a 100-person firm that provides business consultation to outside companies. Dismayed at the poor writing skills her employees use when communicating with clients, Min decides to hold an in-house professional development seminar on writing. In preparation, she reads Hank’s book and two others on the topic. She photocopies three chapters from Hank’s book that she found particularly helpful. She creates a cover page that states the author, title, and publisher of the book and binds it to the three copied chapters with a single staple. She does not alter the work in any other way. Min wants to ensure that her presentation does not violate any intellectual property laws. She asks you to prepare a brief presentation that outlines the applicable law, evaluates her current practices under that law, considers alternatives, and makes a recommendation regarding whether she can continue to use the materials and, if so, in what fashion. She also wants to know if she can copyright her presentation and what she needs to do if she elects to do so.

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