International Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Part 2

Assignment: Develop the Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for ClassPass (See IMC Part One word doc file uploaded) in the China market:

I. Decisions regarding the role and importance of each IMC tool listed below and their coordination with one another.

II. Be as concrete as possible regarding how you plan to communicate with your foreign target market through each of the tools listed below

III. and what adaptation and changes will have to be made to the domestic communication strategy in place.

Tools: a-f Text book Chapters 13, 14, & 15 (provided in separate pdf file uploaded)

a) Advertising message and media strategy and tactics

b) Direct marketing message and media strategy and tactics

c) Interactive/Internet Marketing message and media strategy and tactics

d) Sales promotion message and media strategy and tactics

e) Public relations/publicity strategy and tactics

f) Personal selling – sales strategy and tactics

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