International Organization Research Paper

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Students will write a research paper. This research paper will be similar to a grant proposal, that is, you will identify an interesting puzzle, debate in the literature, or substantive question; review the literature related to this puzzle, debate, or question; offer a theoretical answer that addresses your puzzle, debate, or question; and present a research design to test at least one implication of your theory.

  • Research topic : What’s the IAEA’s role for outdated atomic power plants?
  • Research Question :
  1. Does IAEA involvement in nuclear power promote economic development? (here, your independent variable would be IAEA activity and your dependent variable would  be economic development)
  2. Does the design of the IAEA give equal consideration to all countries’ nuclear technology development? (here your independent variable would be IAEA design or some feature of design, for example, decision-making procedures in the international organization, and your dependent variable would be commissioning/decommissioning nuclear facilities)

You might include a review of the IAEA’s role in nuclear energy in your literature review (, including some discussion of the Fukushima disaster, but your research should be more than descriptive information on the IAEA’s role in nuclear energy, that is, you should have a question with a clear independent and dependent variable

An atomic power plant is very useful alternative energy source in under-developed country and developing country.  Especially, the country with high dependence for imported energy never stops use and construct the atomic power plant. There are many pros and cons the utility of atomic power plant.

After Fukushima disaster(2011), there are so many countries have  a plan to stop using an atomic power plans. The total number of plants steadily was decreasing in the world after 2010. But the number of using and constructing plants is increasing in under-developing country. In South Korea, although they already have 24 plants include outdated plants which pass the designed life span, they have plans to build more.

So, I want to research the closing criteria of plants, main body of decision and the role of IAEA. To avoid (prevent) the second Fukushima disaster, what the IAEA’s role for outdated atomic power plants.


  • History of atomic power plant
  • The advantages and disadvantages(ex: Fukushima disaster)
  • The trend of atomic power plant
  • The current organization and role of IAEA
  • The current condition in South Korea
  • The IAEA’s new role to avoid (prevent) disaster.

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