International Policies of Tourism

TRVL 3030 Project guidelines Design a tourism plan for a select developing country. Section 1 Identify two countries that you have reported on in class, one a developed nation, the other a developing nation. What system of government exists there? Describe the social and economic conditions. Section 2 Describe and discuss the current state of the tourism industry and the contribution to the economy. Provide a resource audit of the current industry (what structure and infrastructure are currently in place) Section 3 Discuss the current and future market demand. Evaluate the competition. Can current supply adequately meet demand? Section 4 Formulate a development plan. Identify key stakeholders. Identify and discuss strategies for improving tourism industry. Include timeline and rationale. Address infrastructure needs (address rehab or new build needs) Discuss financing needs and options Include a promotional plan Section 5 Conclusion – discuss anticipated challenges and address anticipated industry position once goals are achieved. 

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