International Trade & Financial Markets

The purpose of mid-term assessment (assignment: group project, report and presentation) is to assess your level of knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area. Additionally, it assesses, amongst others things, your transferable skills and other attributes.

It is your responsibility to follow the directions as set out within this document. Non-compliance cannot be grounds for an appeal against the mark awarded (Please read the appropriate assessment criteria).

In your previous studies you may have undertaken short reports, essays and/or examinations. If this is your first time in tackling a much larger group assignment/management report then it is vital that you commence your planning early. As stated in the module’s Learning Outcomes you must be able to:

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the drivers behind Globalization (assessment: group project with presentation and exam)

2. Participate in informed debate about the benefits and disadvantages of globalization (assessment: group project with presentation and exam)

3. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of Trade Policy in an economy (assessment: group project with presentation and exam)

4. Critically assess the complexity of the forces that cause volatility in foreign exchange rates (assessment: group project with presentation and exam)

Assessment requirements:

This is a group project. Groups should be made up of 4 participants. Groups can be chosen at your convenience and should be submitted to the course lecturer with the subject of your project. In the event that groups cannot be amicably selected the course lecturer will select groups, even amongst those groups already decided. The course lecturer reserves the right to select groups without recourse or debate. Make sure your writing is precise and to the point. Your paper should not exceed 2000 +/-10% words per student, excluding appendices and references.

• The ability to respond to the Assessment Brief with a clear and coherent structure. The introduction must state the aim and explicitly identify the relevant arguments and areas to be addressed. The areas, once identified, must be followed up logically, in the main body of the analysis. There must be a firm conclusion of the areas discussed that follows on from the analysis.

• Critically analyse the major aspects of globalization in the context of international trade. 

• Critically analyse the sources of comparative advantage clearly identifying which theoretical models have valid applications in different contexts including the country you have selected.

• Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the Trade Policy in the economy of the country that you have selected.

• Critically assess the complexity of the forces that cause volatility in foreign exchange rates

• Demonstrate an ability to carry out an independent/group research, present, analyse and critically evaluate relevant data and appropriate academic literature to support your analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

• Demonstrate effective communications skills to enable a clear presentation of key findings, results and recommendations. These include: (1) Clarity of written communication, including accurate spelling and grammar. (2) Consistency and appropriateness of writing

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