interpersonal forgivness

• Just what is the definition of forgiveness? • Can forgiveness be granted without remorse? • Can you forgive yourself? • How is God’s forgiveness of an individual the same and/or different from person to person forgiveness? • What does this term “therapeutic forgiveness” mean and why has it inspired controversy?” • How do you help congregants forgive each other after they have been embroiled in church conflict? • Shouldn’t a Christian just “forgive and forget”? Answer some of these and/or other debated or little-understood issues in formal academic prose (not “note-taking style) using headings to clearly announce each question/topic. Be sure you reference some of the debate around these issues, and then draw your reasoned conclusions based on your reading of Scripture. Number of pages and number of outside resources (articles/books in addition to your textbooks) depends on degree level (Scripture is not included in the resource count): Write your paper double-spaced with margins 1.5 on the left and 1 inch on the top, bottom, and right. Use Times or Times New Roman font type in size 12. Indent each paragraph and do not add any extra space between paragraphs. Use the Turabian manual (8th edition) for all stylistic issues. Your bibliography (which is not counted in the word tally) will be at the end of your paper and conform to Turabian protocol.

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