Introducing My “Self”

Introducing My “Self”

For this assignment you are to write a 3 page essay describing who you are, and how you became this person. Your reflections may include some of the following points. Who have been the significant others/social agents in your life? How did you learn to be this person? What, and whose ideas and images helped you to define yourself? What role has gender, class, ethnicity, and age played in defining you? What are your values, norms and goals, how did you establish them, and have they changed? What social institutions have had the most impact on you, and which institutions are likely to affect your future? How do you feel about who you are at this point in your life course? Remember that this is not an English Composition paper. This is a Sociology assignment, and all of your insights must be viewed from the sociological perspective, and expressed using sociology terminology.

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