Subject Anatomy and Physiology The loss or failure of human tissue and organs is one of the most frequent and costly problems in health care. Current treatments most often focus on surgical reconstruction and transplantation, or replacing damaged tissue or a diseased organ with a healthy specimen from another body. Tissue engineering is a multidisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward developing biological substitutes that are designed to restore, maintain, or improve tissue and organ function. While many tissue engineering products are naturally derived and designed to be absorbed by the body, some are made of synthetic materials, such as the artificial liver featured in the video segment. Pryor, H. (n.d.). Design Squad: Artificial Liver. PBSLearning Media. Retrieved March 12, 2018 from Scientists have been successful at getting artificially engineered tissue and organs to grow and function in a lab. The real challenge is getting them to function long-term in a human body. This means developing an implant that can be either absorbed by the body as it regains the lost function or designing one that can function indefinitely without being rejected or causing infection. Sometimes the design of a device or structure has to be reconsidered after testing, and adjusted several times before an acceptable solution is found. Address the following questions in a 2- to 3-page essay. Please see the Assignment Expectations below for additional requirements. Define tissue engineering. How does it work? Why is the liver essential to life? List some specific liver functions. Explain how Dr. Pryor’s biomedical implantable device is made and the function it serves. How did Dr. Pryor amend the design of his team’s first device? Explain two reasons that scientists want to be able to engineer replacement organs and tissues rather than use transplants? What is the challenge in engineering more complex organs compared with building a bladder, windpipe, or knee cartilage? Assignment Expectations Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each question above. For example, to answer Question 1, use a descriptive subtitle like the following: Tissue Engineering

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