Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society 101A1- Do you think Aristotle achieves the goal of benefiting his audience, rather than merely giving an account of what virtue is?

Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society 101A1

Essay Topics (choose one of the following):

1) “Our present discussion does not aim, as our others do, at study; for the purpose of our examination is not to know what virtue is, but to become good, since otherwise the inquiry would be of no benefit to us” (Nichomachean Ethics, Bk. II, ch. 2, §2 (1103b28-30)). Do you think Aristotle achieves the goal of benefiting his audience, rather than merely giving an account of what virtue is? 2) “By virtue I mean virtue of character; for this is about feelings and actions, and these admit of excess, deficiency, and an intermediate condition. We can be afraid, for instance, or be confident, or have appetites, or get angry, or feel pity, and in general have pleasure or pain, both too much and too little, and in both ways not well. But having these feelings at the right times, about the right things, toward the right people for the right end, and in the right way, is the intermediate and best condition, and this is proper to virtue” (Nichomachean Ethics, Bk. II, ch.6, §10-11 (1106b17-24)). Does this quotation (and Aristotle’s notion of virtue more generally) betoken a notion of ethics that is fixed across human societies or one that is solely dependent on societal context and convention (the latter option is often called ‘relativism’)? Requirements and Expectations: Nuts and bolts of the assignment: 1) 1000-1350 words, not including footnotes, titles, and suchlike. 2) Double spaced with 1 inch/2.5cm margins. 3) Please staple (no paperclips, folders, binders, etc.). 4) Turn in a hardcopy (in black ink) at the beginning of your seminar on Friday, Nov. 23. Your TA or I may request an emailed copy at a later time (so keep it electronically – don’t delete it), but the paper must be handed in as a hardcopy. 5) Do NOT put your name anywhere on the paper. Please do put your student number at the top of the first page. Also, include the seminar group (i.e., Introduction to Philosophy: Values & Society, PHIL 101-E1 (or E2-E8, depending on your seminar number), the first and last name of the TA for 2 your seminar, the style citation method you are using (see #9 below), and the wordcount (not including footnotes and extended quotations) at the top. Include a title before the body of the paper, but not a separate title page. Make sure the pages are numbered. Other information is not required. Don’t take up space unnecessarily. a. The top of the first page should look something like this: Student #: 1234567 Introduction to Philosophy: Values & Society, PHIL 101-E2 TA: Paolo Verdini Citation Method: Chicago Manual of Style

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