Introductions and Operating System Comparisons

Introductions and Operating System Comparisons
I am Carlos Aguirre, I live in Los Angeles, CA and working on getting my bachelors degree in computer science with concentration in software development. I am really interested in knowing more about Linux, learning about how the operating system works and how it can work with applications and software that i might build. Introductions and Operating System Comparisons
I do not any experience with Linux nor Android. I have worked previously with Windows and I find very reliable and easy to use, however I am not a big fan of their user interface these days, I think they made even more complicated and I do not even remember if I ever contact them for technical support nor I would not know where to go to fix a problem, I do know that they now have stores so they probably would help.
Last time I used Windows was when they released Windows XP. Now I only use OSx and iOS. My work and personal computer both have installed MacOS Catalina, I just love the easy way to use and its performance. Applications are easy to use and install and the same goes for iOS. When it comes to technical support Apple makes really simple for you, you can either call them, chat them or even go to the store and speak with an advisor face to face.


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Carlos Aguirre

Operating System Comparisons

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Clayton Stevens posted Oct 29, 2020 11:28 PM
Good evening everyone!
My name is Clayton Stevens, and I am currently serving in the United States Army, stationed on the east coast. Growing up, I have always been drawn to technology which is why I chose cybersecurity as my major. My long-term goals are to obtain a master’s degree in network communications and work as a civilian contractor for the government. I am interested in learning more from this course since I have worked with Linux a few times and I know I can improve on my knowledge. Introductions and Operating System Comparisons
My experience with Linux is limited but a positive one. I have more experience working with Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android since they are more prevalent and widely used by the public. I found Android to be the easiest user interface to use for smaller appliances. Android has clear and concise instructions, along with interactive, live tutorials on how to navigate or use something. This has been helpful, especially for my older parents who are not technologically savvy. I think that Windows is the most customer-friendly compared to Linux or OSX. One of my favorite features is that Windows has frequent updates, that improve the computer’s performance each time. The search/ help UI for Windows is a well-developed feature that allows the user, who isn’t very familiar with Windows, to find features that they may be looking for. I do not own an Apple computer, but I have found OSX confusing in the sense of the many applications open on the taskbar. With Windows, you can pin or unpin an application to make your taskbar as filled or empty as you would like.    Introductions and Operating System Comparisons

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