Isla de Vieques Biodiversity – Story Map CONTENT

In this Project you will use Story Map to communicate information about the biodiversity aspect of the Vieques landscape, how tourism and the 2017 hurricanes affect it? and other significant information related to its biodiversity. There should be place-specific information in your Story Map. The Story Maps will have a narrative structure, be clear about your topic and your objective. Here are some parameters so you know what is expected: Purpose—your Story Map should be something that you can send to your target audience and they will learn something or understand your argument. You should have a particular audience in mind for your Story Map – it could be your colleagues here OR maybe a group from work, or a public meeting, or a boss.

Analytical— your Story Map should be backed by critical thinking. Complete—especially if your work is narrative, don’t present a half-finished story. Make sure there is a “so what?” Properly referenced—in the end this has to be a defensible work. Somehow you must effectively cite your sources; this includes picture credits. Base maps that are part of the Story Map library, I think you can get away with not citing. We will have to think about this. Well written—this should go without saying, but please proofread. I would like to see how polished we can be. Thorough— Have sufficient detail to create a compelling Story Map. In my mind I am thinking about 8-12 story panels—but, the format and length should fit the work. Place specific— Example of story maps: Resources see materials provided. Some Websites of Interest: Vieques Sustainability Task Force AFWT Superfund Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. There isn’t a lot of information on this site but there is a tourist map. Vieques Tourism Office Global Sustainable Tourism Council Island Biography. This site is about a project on spiders in the Caribbean. Old but Interesting News:

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