KIN 305: Motor Learning Signature Assignment – Motor Skill Practice Design

KIN 305: Motor Learning

Signature Assignment – Motor Skill Practice Design

100 points

Design a “practice” for a Motor Skill you know well.  Select a skill that has both Open-Loop and Closed-Loop controlled processes.  Select a typical learner you could teach the Motor Skill to, and design a practice which would best promote skill acquisition, incorporating the base concepts examined in this course.  Include a “Test” Session as part of the practice design.  After describing the basic practice design in the provided table below, answer all of the design rationale questions.  Each question will be graded on the provided 4-point rubric.



NAME OF SKILL: Basketball Dribbling









































Describe in detail the Motor Skill you are teaching.  Describe ALL relevant characteristics of the learner you will be teaching to: (-4 points for not completing)


What would a Generalized Motor Program for performing the skill consist of?

The GMP for basketball dribbling is flexion and extension of the wrist, repeatedly with control to keep the basketball under the hand. Dribbling slowly helps the learner memorize the moment of bouncing the ball up and down with control. Once the main technique to dribble has been memorized a learner can advance to dribbling the ball; while walking, medial, lateral, posterior, and between the legs.

Is your skill Open or Closed? Discrete, Continuous, or Serial?  Explain your rationale.

Dribbling a ball during basketball practice could be classified as a closed skill because it is being performed in a relatively stable environment. However, when the same skill is performed during a competitive basketball game, the performer is faced with numerous opponents creating an unpredictable, unfamiliar and unstable environment. This same skill of dribbling a ball is now classified as an open skill. This is also a serial discrete skill because it is easily defined of having a beginning and end with bouncing the ball down then it coming back up performing a repetitive discrete skill, creating one larger activity. Separate skills of learning to flex and extend the hand, positioning the hand to always be over the ball for control, as well as position or movement time of the feet.


What aspects of the skill are processed in Closed-Loop Control?  Identify the components, and explain your rationale.

The aspects of the skill that are closed loop is dribbling the ball in an indoor environment. An indoor environment being a place that is considered stable and few outdoor distractions that can impact the performer from completing the task at their fullest potential.  

What aspects of the skill are processed 

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