Kindergarten Educator

2-3 PAGES  APA FORMAT  NO PLAGIRISM   1. Determine the developmental level, and professional goals as a kindergarten educator.   2. Identify why South Dakota is of most interest to you—regarding your professional goals as an early childhood educator.  3. Research and identify the extent and way South Dakota supports early childhood development programs.  4.  Prepare an introductory overview of your early childhood development curriculum project.  This introductory overview is to include, but is not limited to the following information:  • Explain the intended developmental level for your early childhood development curriculum project.  • Describe the important attributes of children within this developmental level. • Discuss the state in which you intend to implement your early childhood development project in terms of its existing policies/legislation that support early childhood development programs.  The following criteria will be used to evaluate this introductory section of your curriculum document:  • Do you clearly identify the developmental level of the children that your curriculum will be geared toward?  • Do you clearly describe the attributes of the children within this developmental level?  • Is the content of this introductory section of your project based upon professional and scholarly resources provided—but not limited to the background reading materials and resources?  • Do you address each of the specified items in an organized and coherent manner?  • Does your introduction to your curriculum document reflect graduate-level writing skills?

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