La Maestra Case Study

 Read La Maestra – case study and choose FOUR (4) questions to respond. Please refer to your textbook, as well as research and cite external sources in APA style La Maestra P.J. Mc Williams and Nancy Frame Anne Lowrey hadn’t planned to visit the Martinez family until after lunch, but now she felt that she should rearrange her schedule and make a visit this morning. The mounting paperwork on her desk would just have to wait. Maybe she could catch up on some of it this evening after the children were in bed. Of course, Steve wouldn’t like it. He didn’t think she should have to work at home without being paid for her time. But Steve hadn’t spent the past 2 days at home with a sick baby, either. She was the one who had taken Paul to the doctor and stayed home with him through his fever while her in-box filled at the office. Steve had gone to work. Juggling time and responsibilities seemed so much more complicated now that they had two children. Maybe it would get easier when Colette started kinder¬garten in the fall. They’d thought about sending her to kindergarten this year, but her birthday was so close to the cutoff date that they had decided to wait. Anne re-read the phone message on her desk. WHILE you WERE OUT DAY: Monday TIME: 10:27 am To: Anne L FROM: Michael Santos Julio Martinez has been arrested and is in jai1. Call ASAP. What does he expect me to do about it? she thought. But she knew she had to do something. Michael Santos was the Child Protective Services worker who handled the Martinez family, and he wouldn’t think twice about tak¬ing the Martinez children out of their home a third time-maybe even permanently. If it hadn’t been for Anne, he probably would have done that 3 months ago when Carina Martinez’s preschool teacher had called protective services to report Julio for suspected abuse. Julio wasn’t exactly a model father, but he certainly didn’t abuse his children. Anne knew that he and his wife, Elena, loved their children dearly-all five of them. Anne suddenly noticed the date and time at the top of the message. Michael Santos had called on Monday morning, and it was already Wednesday! If only she hadn’t been out with a sick child…. There was no telling what might have happened to the Martinez family over the past 2 days. Instead of calling Michael Santos, she decided to go straight to the source to find out for herself. Anne signed out a car at the front desk and left the building. Out in the parking lot, she walked over to her own car and retrieved the things she had brought for Carina. Anne lifted the lid of a small shoe box before putting it on the back seat of the county car. She couldn’t help but smile. Carina’s face would light up when she opened the box and saw glossy black patent leather shoes with silver linings! Then Anne carefully laid a yellow taffeta dress across the back seat. Colette had worn the shoes and dress only for Easter and a few times afterward be-fore she’d outgrown them. Finally, Anne tossed a grocery bag full Colette’s old play clothes on the floor behind the driver’s seat.

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