Description This is your second patient of the day. You have had a team brief at 07.00 and there are no other concerns medically. She has been assessed as Mallampati grade 2 for airway management. Mary will be having a general anaesthetic as a day case. The Consultant surgeon Mr Brown will require a hernia ring in addition to a small general set and will infilterate her wound with 20mls of 0.5% Bupivacaine at the end of the procedure. VTE risk has been managed according to local protocol and Mary has TED stockings on. THIS SCENARIO STARTS IN THE OPERATING THEATRE WITH MARY ANESTHETISED IN SUPINE POSITION. SCRUB PRACTITIONER IS READY AND SURGEONS ARE JUST PUTTING UP THEIR GOWNS ON. MARY HAS BEEN PREPPED AND DRAPED AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO START A TIME OUT AS RECOMMENDED BY THE (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) WHEN YOU DISCOVERED THAT THE CONSENT FORM, VERIFICATION OF SITE CHECKLIST AND THE PATIENT ARE ALL MARKED AS (RIGHT SIDED PROCEDURE) AND THIS HAS BEEN CHECKED BY THE WARD STAFF, ANAESTHETIC OPERATING DEPARTMENT PRACTITIONER, HOWEVER, WHEN THE ‘TIME OUT’ WAS ABOUT TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE START OF SURGERY, THE THEATRE LIST STATES THAT THE PATIENT IS HAVING A LEFT SIDED PROCEDURE. THINGS TO CONSIDER- 1) The role of the Operating department practitioner in maintaining patient safety and the HCPC in maintaining standards. 2) The WHO patient safety checklist before and after surgery. 3) Policy states that prepping and drapping a patient should only be done after positive patient identification policy is completed. 4) The conflict regarding the site of surgery 5) The surgeon was unable the confirm the site of surgery 6) Should the theatre list be checked along the consent form, verification checklist and the mark on the patient before the patient is anesthetised? 7) Should the team go ahead with the procedure even when there are doubts regarding the surgical site? 8) The role of the multidisciplinary team in communication and patient safety Analyse through reflective writing using the ROLFE MODEL the clinical incident above. Your analysis should concentrate on identifying root causes for the incident. From this analysis you will identify opportunities for change that will enhance the quality of patient care and optimise patient safety. You SHOULD EXPLORE A NUMBER OF OPTIONS before identifying which ONE of these will potentially have the greatest impact in terms of patient safety. You will then consider this ONE change in the context of change management explaining how you will identify any barriers to change and your strategy for overcoming these barriers. You should consider this in the context of organisational culture within your trust/hospital. Again, do not identify your organisation in any way. NOTE- USE APA 6TH REFERENCES USE ATLEAST 10 REFERENCES NOT MORE THE 5 YEARS OLD EXCEPT FOR ROLFE MODEL, WHO OR HCPC USE IN TEXT REFERENCES AND REFERENCE LIST SHOULD BE IN ALHAPBETICAL ORDER. Leadership and Management in the Perioperative Environment. [Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes] 1. Critically evaluate the implementation of national and local health policy and evidence-based practice within the multidisciplinary perioperative environment. 2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of factors that influence professional perioperative practice. 3. Critically discuss strategies for the effective leadership and management of perioperative environments. [Ability Outcomes] 4. Demonstrate the ability to apply decision making and problem solving skills within complex and dynamic acute care settings 5. Demonstrate the ability to deliver a presentation submitted in an electronic format for online assessment.

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