Description Please, It is imperative to use the references provided in the attached files otherwise the assessment won’t be valid. You can use some other references such as web pages, e-books, pdf etc as long as they have relation with LEADERSHIP FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ORGANISATION. ————————————————————– The report is 30% of a very important subject, I really need a good quality report. —————————————————————-In the attached file ASSESSMENT 1 you can find further instructions. —————————————————————- All the assessment are evaluated using Turniting so if the report has plagiarized information, It will be identified and I will have serious problems that could cause I lose my student visa and be sacked from the university. —————————————————————- ****If you can follow the instructions and make a quality job. please let me know!! I don’t want to lose my money and time… I have to work every day and I don’t have too much free time so I’m coming to you**** —————————————————————- The Assignment: In approximately 1,650 words, address the following: A. Evaluate the leadership characteristics, skills and knowledge of the business leader you selected that allowed him or her to lead an organisation in today’s economic environment. B. How have any past failures influenced his or her current leadership characteristics and skills? C. When and how did the business leader develop these characteristics and skills? For example, did he or she learn them later in life from formative life experiences, or did he or she always seem to possess leadership qualities? D. What leadership methods, approaches or concepts does he or she employ in his or her role as a business leader? Submit the entire Assignment at the end of Module 3.

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