Leadership in a diverse society Essay

Leadership in a diverse society Essay
Wk 1: This week, you will explore critical leadership and management theories, as well as the concepts of organizational and time management; all these concepts are integral to the role of a nurse leader. You will also examine the political process and the role of professional organizations in nursing leadership.

Wk 2: This week, you will learn how personality theories and traits affect nursing leadership. You will also be introduced to the concepts of empowerment and emotional intelligence. Here is an introduction to the concept of empowerment.Leadership in a diverse society Essay

Empowering Yourself
Empowering means enabling yourself and others to reach maximum potential. As nurses and nurse leaders, you are in the unique position to empower other nurses and health care providers, by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Similarly, you can also influence patients and their families, nursing communities, and the health care system and the profession as a whole.
Wk 3: This week, you will be introduced to various theories of change and conflict management. You will study the role of a nurse leader as a change agent and will learn how you can use different sources of power to initiate or influence a desirable change in the profession. “You cannot step twice into the same river.”


—Heraclites, Greek Philosopher
These words are especially true for the field of health care today, which is exposed to rapid and continuous change. In order to keep up with the challenges, nursing leaders need to know how to keep up with the constantly changing health care environment. Change is inherent in the health care environment and it seems to be occurring at an increasing rate; this may sometimes cause individual and organizational conflicts. If such conflicts are ignored, it can result in lost time, poor production, and decreased efficiency. When the nurse leader manages a conflict efficiently, it can lead to new ideas, informed decisions, and better performance.
Wk 4: This week, you will focus on:
· Different emotional intelligence (EI) theories and communication styles
· The process of communicating with EI
· The processes of effective team building, decision making, and problem solving Leadership in a diverse society Essay
“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”
—Vince Lombardi
Is success determined by a person’s intelligence?
This connection is viewed very differently today. Traditional measures of intelligence, such as a person’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ), were used to predict work performance and career success. According to Goleman (1998), “When IQ test scores are correlated with how well people perform in their careers, IQ accounts for difference not more than 25%.”
A careful analysis from another study suggests a more accurate figure may be no higher than 10% and perhaps as low as 4%. Goleman asserts that EI impacts career performance more than IQ.
Successful nursing leadership depends on several kinds of intelligence and control of emotions. According to Sternberg, Lautrey, and Lubert, it is necessary to expand the definition of intelligence to include other factors that lead to personal effectiveness and adaptation.
Leadership in a diverse society Essay

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