Leadership, Management and Team working for Professional Practice

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The essay should explores leadership, management and team working in professional practice and legal and ethical perspectives.
using the Quote

  • You should be a model of integrity and leadership for others to aspire to (The Code. NMC. 2015. p.15)
    Drawing from examples in the adult nursing, * identify and argue why the NMC feel it appropriate to include such a focus on leadership for student nurses entering the nursing register.

You will need to Analyse the qualities and impact of a leader within health care settings by

  • Discuss qualities of a leader and identify how they may meet the outcomes of local and national leadership frameworks
  • Reflect on the impact of leadership styles on team working and quality care

Analyse the role of the manager and the skills and qualities required to make effective decisions and meet health service quality and expectations

Identify and discuss the role and qualities of an effective manager in health care

  • Use appropriate techniques in the assessment of responsibilities, managing risk, making decisions, prioritising and planning actions, and delegating workload to use resources safely and effectively

Analyse the legal and ethical aspects of professional role requirements in relation to leadership, management and team working by

  • Discuss leadership and management relating to ethical decisions within the team
  •  Identify how legal aspects of management impact on care and the team
  •  Reflect on accountability and delegation in professional practice
  • Discuss how cross boundary and inter-agency working can promote person-centred care

Try to think more deeply than the superficial in this assignment, marking will look for knowledge and understanding of some, but not necessarily all, of the following:

  •  Leadership defined, the purpose of leadership in nursing
  • Why the NMC link leadership to that of a role model and professional integrity
  • Professional attributes of a nurse leader, how leadership skills are learned and confirmed

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