Leadership Theory Paper

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Course Learning Objective:
Synthesize organizational/systems theories in developing collaborative inter-professional leadership strategies.


Create a written paper that synthesizes organizational/systems theories in relation to the facility in which the DNP Project (or a current project, quality improvement process, or practice change) is being implemented by the DNP student. This assignment will incorporate the context of the organization/system, theory congruency, leadership styles/traits, traditional and contemporary leadership theories, and core leadership competencies as applicable to the implementation of the DNP Project (or a current project, quality improvement process, or practice change).

Leadership Theory Paper Guidelines:

I. Introduction (2.5 points)
Consist of 1 ? 2 paragraphs of an introduction to the paper with a theme statement and brief overview.

II. Organization/System Context (10 points)
The student may choose the system, institution, or a more specific practice setting (ie. clinic, unit, etc.) level for discussion. State the Vision or Mission Statement of the entity. What leadership theory or theories does the vision or mission statement suggest? Explain. (10 points).

III. Theory Congruency (20 points)
Observe the organizational structure (number of layers, vertical, matrix, etc.), communication patterns (vertical, horizontal, interprofessional, etc.), decision-making processes, policies & procedures, human resources activities, etc. (daily operations). What traditional and/or contemporary leadership theories are represented by the daily operations? Explain. Are the vision or mission statement theories reflected at all levels of the organization? Are they congruent with the daily operations assessment? Describe the disconnect or congruency of these theories.

IV. Leadership Styles/Traits (20 points)
Select a Trait theory to describe your leadership style/s and/or traits. Explain the theory and its relationship to your behaviors and characteristics. How do these traits/characteristics relate to traditional and/or contemporary leadership theories?

V. Transformational Leadership Theory (15 points)
Apply a transformational theory or theories to the environment in which you will implement your DNP project (or a current project, quality improvement process, or practice change). Describe the theory or theories including the major concepts and interactions between concepts . Include the catalyst for change, the strategic vision, the environmental and human contexts, knowledge management, quality improvement, and expected outcomes . Contrast the transformational theory framework with traditional management theories, such as transactional leadership.

Note: Use your Discussion Board content.
VI. Leadership Core Competencies (20 points)
Choose a set of core leadership competencies, such as the DNP Essentials II or the AACN Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) competencies. Evaluate your achievement of these competencies currently. Which competencies are required for successful implementation of your DNP Project (or a current project, quality improvement process, or practice change)? How will you enhance and utilize these competencies?
VII. Conclusion (2.5 points)
A 1 ? 2 paragraph summary of the paper in conclusion.
VIII. References (5 points)
IX. Grammar, APA format (5 points)

Note: The expected length of the paper is 5 ? 8 pages plus references. Quality is preferred over quantity.

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