Lean Supply Chain Management and 6 Sigma

Please read and write a full 3-page essay/report based on the pdf file I attached to this order called Lean Implementation and Supply Chain Development at Oak Hills. When writing this essay/report, after reading the pdf, please first write a brief introduction then write about/identify 2 to 4 major supply chain related problems that exist in Oak Hills Co, which is the company in the pdf file that I attached to this order. After identifying 2 to 4 major supply chain related problems that exist in Oak Hills Co, please write the rest of the report/essay based on the following five questions. 1.) discuss what and how those 2 to 4 major supply chain related problems that exist in Oak Hills Co, that you identified, negatively effect the company’s supply chain efficiency, 2.) Give, if possible, possible reasons/ causes for the existence of these problems, 3.) Propose ideas/solutions that might be used to address these problems, 4.) Give an explanation on why your proposed solutions are Feasible and Beneficial in improving Oak Hills supply chain, and 5.) Give an explanation of any potential difficulties you may encounter when carrying out your suggestions. Please make sure that the body of the essay/report, which is the questions, contains a) identified problems; b) reasons of the importance of the problems; c) suggestions to solve the problems; d) And explanations as to why your suggestions are good ones. Lastly, at the end please make sure to write a brief conclusion as well to close out the report/essay. Please make sure to use the pdf file as your only source for this paper and 1 or 2 other credible sources. When writing this essay please make sure that you write most of it in your own words and do not use too many citations.

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