Learning Outcomes For Teaching Demonstration Paper

Learning Outcomes For Teaching Demonstration Paper
Review the class content on writing Learning Outcomes (LOs) using the language of Bloom and Anderson and Krathwohl. How well you state, and how strong your LOs are, will largely determine the strength of your demonstration. In general, each LO should focus on one cognitive activity based on Bloom (Anderson and Krathwohl), so a good LO will only mention one activity/outcome for each LO. Recall that the class materials emphasized that LOs must refer to measurable behavioral outcomes. Many helpful documents in this course list action verbs associated with each level of thought in the taxonomies (Bloom and Anderson and Krathwohl), and provide some sample questions to use to really probe at that level of thought (great questions to promote analysis, for instance). The document also suggests some viable active learning strategies for each level of thought.  Learning Outcomes For Teaching Demonstration Paper.Review these documents. While you are to focus on the highest levels of thought (analysis, evaluation, creation, etc.) it helps to use strong action verbs other than those words to more precisely indicate what you plan to do. So, instead of saying in a LO “Students will evaluate. . .” it would be better to say, “Students will judge the effectiveness of. . .” Then you will take your students though a “judgment” activity which requires that they, for example, compare and contrast the effectiveness of two approaches.


Write your Learning Outcomes for your teaching demonstration. Topic is on Sexual Abuse
Brief Description: Following a brief review discussion about the thought processes that lead to addiction, the students will learn on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance users. Considering the course is to be taught to adult students, the lesson will focus on the higher order thinking skills according to Bloom’s taxonomy as updated by Anderson and Krathwohl (2001). Through this lesson, the students will develop skills to better allow them to evaluate and formulate ways of administering cognitive behavioral therapy to drug addicts. This will occur through a thorough evaluation of evidence-based applications of CBT to overcome negative thinking that often leads to substance abuse. Learning Outcomes For Teaching Demonstration Paper.
Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1.Evaluate the role of cognitive-behavioral therapy in addiction treatment and whether using this strategy is appropriate in the mitigation of negative thoughts that lead to drug abuse.
2.Analyze the personal challenges that lead to the development of poor habits such as substance abuse.
Learning Outcomes for Teaching Demonstration Grading Rubric

Criteria Levels of Achievement
Content Advanced Proficient Developing Below Expectations Not present
Content 15 Points
Learning objectives superbly reflect the guidelines presented in the class content.
14 Points
Learning objectives largely reflect the guidelines presented in the class content.
13 Points
Learning objectives partly reflect the guidelines presented in the class content.
1 to 12 Points
Learning objectives marginally reflect the guidelines presented in the class content.
0 points
Not Present
Structure Advanced Proficient Developing Below Expectations Not present
Structure 5 Points
Exceptional writing, formatting, and current APA support (if any).
4 Points
Writing is acceptable at the graduate level and current APA support used.
3 Points
LO’s contained some writing errors which should not be seen at this el of study.
1 to 2 Points
Unacceptable writing errors.
0 points
Not Present

Learning Outcomes For Teaching Demonstration Paper

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