NOTE: I have provided a sample similar to the assignment to help guide you. It is uploaded under ‘Example A2 for DTL’. !!! ASSIGNMENT 2: LESSON PLAN ANALYSIS, REVISION & JUSTIFICATION This assignment asks you to analyse a lesson plan to determine whether it meets key quality criteria for curriculum, pedagogy, resources, and assessment as indicated by the NSW Quality Teaching model (Outcomes 1, 2, 5,7). You are then asked to modify the lesson plan to achieve improved teaching and learning outcomes for students and to provide an evidence-based justification for these changes (Outcomes 3, 4, 6, 8). ASSIGNMENT 2 DETAILS In this second assignment, you will modify an existing secondary lesson plan(!!! NOTE: I have attached the lesson plan under ‘English Lesson Plan’.!!!). Your modifications will be guided by an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson plan. You’ll also provide an academic justification for the modifications. PART A – LOCATING A LESSON PLAN (!!! NOTE: I have attached the lesson plan under ‘English Lesson Plan’.!!!). PART B – ANALYSING AND MODIFYING THE LESSON PLAN 2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson plan using the NSW Quality Teaching (QT) model as a framework. !!! NOTE: I have attached the QT Analysis Template under ‘102086 1H 2018 QT analysis template (1)’. 3. Select four areas for improvement from your QT analyses. 4. Modify the lesson plan to achieve the four improvements. Highlight the changes you’ve made to the lesson plan. PART C – ACADEMIC JUSTIFICATION (750 WORDS) 5. Write a 750-word academic justification for your modifications to the lesson plan. In your justification, explain how the modifications achieve the QT improvements identified in Step 2. You should also support your arguments with relevant scholarly sources. What evidence of best-practice is there for your modifications? You can use course readings as evidence but you should also conduct your own research in academic journals. A minimum of three sources is required. Be sure to cite your sources and include a reference list, formatting both according to APA 6th Style. NOTE: I have attached the following sources(you may add more): -‘what is curriculum’ -‘Lesson planning and the student teacher re thinking the dominant model’ -‘Learning to plan planning to learn the developing expertise of beginning teachers’ -‘Gore, J._Improving pedagogy (Chap_’ -‘Classroom Practice Guide’ WHAT DO I NEED TO SUBMIT? – Lesson plan analysis (using the QT Analysis Template from vUWS) – Modified lesson plan (with your specific changes highlighted) – Academic justification – Reference list – URL web link to your Learning Portfolio

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