Logic Model

 B4. Logic Model This assignment involves the creation of a logic model that is based on a program at your field placement. You will need to interview program staff member(s) and/or review agency materials (e.g., brochures, service contracts) to help you in completing this assignment. Website page: Part 1: Program overview Provide a brief introduction to your logic model by describing: • the program and how it fits into the structure of the department/division and organization • the overall purpose of the program • the primary population(s) served by the program Mama Tingo Early Head Start Program is committed to providing the best service delivery possible. We firmly believe that home-based services all us to provide the families with the support a=they want in their own environments allowing us to help parents enrich their environment by creating learning opportunities that build on everyday activities and that support their child’s development. Dominican Women’s Development Center Mama Tingo Early Headstart Program (Mama Tingo EHS) is committed to actively recruit children and families to ensure that every slot is filled as soon as possible or within 30 days of becoming available. Our goal is to actively inform all families with eligible children within our catchment area comprising West 155th Street to 220th street covering parts of Sugar Hill, Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill. The purpose of the home visit is to help parents improve their parenting skills and assist them in the use of the home as the child’s primary learning environment. The home visitor must work with parents to help them provide learning opportunities that enhance their child’s growth and development. Part 2: Diagram Identify the following elements in the logic model, linking them with arrows where applicable. I attached the logic model on excel. I also have the inputs and activities. Each activity has a brief description of what we do. I just need to help with the outputs and outcomes. a) Inputs (e.g., employees, volunteers, space/equipment) b) Activities c) Outputs (i.e., target numbers for service units provided/participants served)* d) Outcomes (short-term, intermediate, and long-term) *Please indicate the basis for the outputs (e.g., contract with funder) if deliverables are specified. Inputs: Staff – Home visitor – Family Service Worker – Family Service Coordinator – Educational Coordinator – Health Service Coordinator o Nurse o Mental Health o Nutritionist Families Interns Funding Crisis Management Health Care Local Schools Mental Health and Disability Services NYC DOH NYC DOE

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