LUB5422 Consumer Behaviour Across Cultures

You are a Consumer Behaviour analyst in a marketing consultancy company. You have been assigned the task of making a report which critically discusses the influences of (1) culture and (2) another consumer behaviour aspect on a chosen organisation’s marketing activities. The report needs to demonstrate your understanding, judgement and insight into consumer behaviour discipline.

 The chosen organisation must be a (or at least have) B-to-C operation.

 “Marketing activities” are any element(s) of the marketing mix (e.g. company shops, advertisements, packaging, etc.). You can select one or more elements of the marketing mix and do not have to cover the entire mix.

 For this organisation: 1. Compare how they have taken into consideration two cultures (supranational, national cultures and/or subcultures). You need to evaluate their effort by identifying what they have done that was appropriate and what could be improved. Then make recommendations geared to improve their current efforts. 2. Choose another aspect from the course syllabus, i.e. perception, learning and memory; motivation and/or values; attitude; consumer Identity; reference groups; consumer resistance, and evaluate how it has influenced their marketing activities (in one country). Again, explain what they have done that was appropriate and what could be improved. On the basis of your analysis, make recommendations geared to sharpen their current efforts. 

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