Make A Funny And Creative Meme For My Project

 My project is about when to reveal your body counts(number of sexual partners) to significant individual. Here is the story, Betty is a girl who used to have  10 sexual partners before, she dates David for 1 mouth, and my project focus on when should Betty reveal to David her body counts.  Here is the conclusion: What social penetration theory suggests is that Betty must see how David reacts to each progression of self-disclosure. Depending on the reaction, Betty will more easily be able to calculate if the rewards outweigh the costs of revealing this information. While Social Penetration Theory is not perfect and depends on an orderly progression of revealing information, it can assist in the problem of when to reveal difficult information. about the meme:  Meme: Finally, develop a meme that represents the simple version of the “take-away” lesson from your theory. It does not have to be funny – it just has to convey a valuable message in a concise way. It can be based off of an existing meme, or can be an original design. Either way, the idea is to create a single image with text that attempts to capture a key part of the recommendations from the paper (it’s probably unrealistic to try to incorporate all of the essential ideas). However, the idea is that a person looking at your meme would get something of value out of it, without reading your whole paper. 

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