Make recommendations for interaction

Make recommendations for interaction (at least 2 pages): Make recommendations to your international authority on the (1) extent to which the two countries should interact, and (2) the nature of that interaction in order to meet the authority’s goals and mission. This means you must reference the authority’s goals and mission that you identified from the introduction. Answer the following: should the two countries interact more or less? What will that look like (give a detailed account rather than simply listing some of the examples from below)? For example: More interaction: new trade deals, political treaties, climate mitigation or adaptation agreements, development programs, global health initiatives, refugee programs, humanitarian assistance, supranationalism, joint environmental research programs. Less interaction: migration bans, state border demarcation, devolution, decreased/banned international trade, tourism and travel bans, etc. My two countries chosen are: Iran + Mexico My international’s authority is: OPEC Use the Chicago Author-Date (not notes-bibliography!) style citations in your paper. Support your statements with specific examples. Do not give general summaries of geographic themes. Specific examples include facts, statistics, quotes, and paraphrased ideas of what you find in your research. These must all be cited in the paper as well as in the bibliography. Goals of Opec include to agree and set the price and production of oil at the same price and level; the essentially control price of oil

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