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Answer ONE question only. Please read very carefully.
1. Responsible management has been a buzzword for your industry in the last year or two. Your CEO has tasked you to help the business deal with this new development as she is concerned that the corporation might be falling behind. In your conversation with her, the CEO says she wants to know the following answers from your work: Management Business Homework Help

  •  “How is responsible management commonly defined?”
  •  “What are the different responsible management challenges that our organization faces? Give me an overview of the environmental, social, and ethical challenges we face as a company.”


  • “Which one is the greatest of these challenges? Give me some more details, and then recommend how we could meet this challenge.”
  •  “Which of our corporate functions or divisions would be best placed to meet this challenge and why?” She thanks you and you set out to tackle this important task. Instruction:

You must refer to your assigned case company for this question. For the fourth point, you may include any one of the corporate functions as covered in the course.
2. Select one of the following corporate functions as covered in the course and discuss critically how relevant and important it is for managing organizations responsibly, their context, and the specific social, environmental or ethical challenges they face.

  • Strategic management, or
  • Accounting/controlling, or
  • Human resource management, or
  • Operations and supply chain management

In the discussion of your chosen corporate function, provide a definition of responsible management, and refer to specific challenges companies may face in managing responsibly. Management Business Homework Help

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