Management Decision Making (MDM) Writing

1.All writing assignments need to conform to my writing requirements (writing template), see course material if you need that list/help. Failure to adhere results in a simple ‘0’.
2.The rubrics for the assignment will be strictly followed for grading purposes (rubrics is in Blackboard).
3.Videos on the MDM process are in Blackboard.
4.This paper is limited to 1,500 words, you can do as few as you want, but it cannot exceed 1,500. After the MDM individual paper is done, a sample MDM for learning purposes will be released. (For my sample/example I will share after the assignment is done, I toke over 1,400 words, if I am near the upper limit of word count, where do you think you should be?) a.It is not considered ‘cheating’ to have someone proof your paper.
5.No two MDMs are the same, since this will be based off of your numbers in your individual simulation, your answer will not match your peers.
6.Incident/period assignment, this is from your INDIVIDUAL simulation, not the team simulation. a.For UG, incident #2, that was done in period 3 title “Channel of Distribution”
b.For MBA, incident #3, that was done in period 1 title “Market Opportunity”
This is the grading Rubric
Purpose. Purpose is clear. Effectively responds to the writing task/prompt.
Thesis or main idea. Clearly stated and appropriate to writing assignment.
Ideas and Support. Ideas work together to support thesis; examples are relevant, specific and effective.
Organization. Ideas are well organized; paragraphs supported with ideas linked by effective transitions.
Sentence structure (Grammar). Appropriate tone with a clear understanding of audience and point of view.
Mechanics and Presentation (Formatting). Free of punctuation, spelling, capitalization errors; format for essay is appropriate.
Vocabulary and Word Usage. Skilled use of vocabulary; accurate and effective work usage.
Exceeds Exectations-2, Meets Expectations-1, Does Not Meet Expectations-0
Style: Clear, Complete, Concise (5% each, up to – 15% on grade) (1,250 word limit)
Charts (analytical supporting graphs and charts)
Followed formatting guidelines
1. Recognition of Decision Requirement
2. Diagnosis and Analysis
3. Develop Alternatives
4. Selection of Desired Alternative
5. Implementation of Chosen Alternative
6. Evaluation
7. Feedback
5-Excellent, 4-Proficient, 3-Needs Improvement, 2-Unsatisfactory, 1-Unacceptable, & 0-nothing or functionally missing.

For question 6A
Quarter 3

Channels of Distribution
Join serval consortiums for online ticket sales while maintaining your website. Commissions to the consortiums are 3% of sales along with the possibility that you will generate some new demand. The consortium, which has the advantage of operating serval independent sites, would charge 3% to you in commission and give the customer a 2 to 5% discount.

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