Management Homework Help

Management Homework Help
1. Both questions are required to be answered.
2. Each question carries the same marks.
3. 2000 words per question + or – 10%
4. Content 80%, Spelling, Grammar and Presentation 10%: In-module activity 10%
5. Marks will be reduced for assignments of more than 10% outside the word limit for each question (i.e. above 2,200 words). Management Homework Help
6. Notes:
a) Introduction – body – conclusion for each question separately
b) At least one-page references


Question 1
You have recently been appointed as the Supply Chain Director of ACME Company Limited. ACME produces pharmaceutical products for distribution globally. Their main production facility is located in Shenzhen, China.
Critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of each major, potential mode of
transport for delivering finished products from Shenzhen to its largest market in
What factors does the company need to take into account when transporting these
Critically discuss, providing examples, whether the company should manage the freight
movements itself or utilise the services of a freight forwarder.Management Homework Help
Question 2

In your role as Supply Chain Director for Acme Company Ltd you are also responsible for
the domestic distribution of your products throughout mainland China. Produce a report for the Board of Directors detailing why the distribution should be undertaken by your
own fleet of vehicles and not outsourced. Provide details of three Chinese logistics providers that you considered using when deciding whether to outsource or not.
What are the costs involved in operating your own fleet and how will you justify these costs to the Board? Should the Board decide to outsource, produce five key performance indicators (KPI) that you will use to measure the performance of the logistics service provider.
Critically assess why you believe these to be the most important KPI.
Question 2 Notes:
1. Doing a report and discuss why you think …
Management Homework Help

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