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Here included multiple parts, and my part is NO. 3 Key Risks.
1. Please to continue finish the Key Risks part in PowerPoint for presentation. Only need to handle out the NO. 3 Key Risks, the rest of part leave to other members. Due Nov 18 anytime.
2. Complete a presentation draft only for Key Risks part, state points clear, almost 700 words. Due Nov 22 anytime Management homework help


Framework for Group Presentations
1) Introduction: 
What is the case about? What companies? What industries? What is special about the situation?
2) Strategy:
What strategies are employed? What are the goals, objectives?
3) Key Risks:
What are key risks to the strategy? What potential obstacles might hamper the implementation or execution of the strategy?
4) Risk Mitigation:
Are there any approaches to mitigate the key risks? If so, how are they mitigated?
5) Outcome:
What is the outcome of the case? Was the strategy successful? Did it succeed?
6) Lesson Learned:
What did we learn from the case? What are the main takeaways? What could have been done better?
Here is additional guidance to consider for your group presentations:
· Presentation length should be a total 18-24 minutes, approximately 3 minutes for each group member, plus Q&A by your classmates at the end
· When you are presenting, it is OK to have notes or index cards as a reference, but you are expected to use strategic communication skills, which include looking up at the class when you are presenting (not just reading your notes), speaking clearly and loudly, and welcoming questions and answers at the appropriate time.
· Each group not actively presenting should contribute one question and answer to the ensuing discussion. Your contribution will be assessed as part of class participation, which is 10% of your grade.Management homework help

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