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Part 1:
Please give an example of a transformational leader. Transformational leaders are covered in this week’s reading. This can be a well-known person, or someone you know. Explain why this leader is transformational. This has to be done by Friday.
Write a reply post, based upon the discussion prompt above, to a classmates’ initial posts. The rest of this assignment will be submitted on Friday Management homework help
1. Any posts deemed inappropriate will be removed by the instructor and will potentially face disciplinary actions.


2. Communicate in complete sentences and paragraphs.
3. Do not post blanket statements such as “I agree” or “Great Job, Johnny”. If you agree or think a post as great, explain your reasoning.Management homework help
4. Discuss what you find interesting or what you find missing from the posts to which you reply. How does this apply to you, this course, your assignments, etc?
5. List and discuss ideas you are taking away from this post.
Kaitlyn N Pickens
Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of a transformational leader. He tapped into the desires of many Americans that have desires of equality. His speech brought to realization that there was several people who wanted equality and he used the desires of the followers to help achieve his goal of eliminating segregation.
Part 2:
Please summarize this week’s reading from Leader within You 2.0 by Maxwell (Chapters 5 & 6).  The summary should be at least 500 words total (one summary should include both chapters assigned for reading).  You may also include possible applications of the material and/or personal experiences related to the material in your summary. This Part is due by Saturday. Management homework help

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