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Revision Task

1. Check professor’s feedback.
2. Revise your report based on the instructions given during the Zoom session on 4/8/2021.
Content Needing Revision
• Q4.2 (Feedback)
• Q5.1(Feedback)
• Q5.2
• Q5.3
3. Submit your revised report (in the Word doc. format). Deadline Wed., Apr. 28, 11:59 PM.
4. In the revised submission, the content-related revisions should be highlighted in BLUE in the word doc.
Business Consulting Project

  1. Business Background Information

Q1.1. What is the business name?
The name of the business is BoxLunch. It is a retailing web-based civic-minded brick-and-mortar business that offers a curated collection of non-licensed and licensed merchandise. Management homework help. The company specializes in products such as accessories, apparel, gifts, home goods, collectibles, and novelty goods based on the theme of pop culture (“BoxLunch Gifts | Get Some, Give Back,” 2021). With every 10$ that a customer spends on buying BoxLunch products, a free meal is provided to the needy person as the company has partnered with Feeding America.


Q1.2. What is the business website address? Copy and paste below.
Q1.3. What is the business social media (Instagram, Yelp, etc.) handle (if any)?
Sabrina Torres is a social media specialist, and Samantha Pelayo is a Social Media Coordinator at BoxLunch. They are responsible for facilitating strategic programs across all handles that increase the number of followers and engagement of customers. They manage the company’s relationships with influencers and maintain a record of changing climate of digital media and forecast a reaction plan. BoxLunch often develops and implements highly measurable and creative social media campaigns and programs, including planning copywriting, briefs, editorial calendars, and creative strategy. The company has many social media handles that are supervised and operated by these two these include;
Facebook: Management homework help.

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