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Instructions: The statement of learning is designed to capture the essential concepts addressed during our Professional Seminar III as well as the PS I and II. This paper should be a minimum of two (2) pages in length and reflect what you learned and how you will be able to use this knowledge in your professional and academic life. Be specific and provide details. After reviewing all of the readings, PowerPoint presentations, notes of in-class meetings, and supplemental materials provided by instructor, respond to the following prompts.  Management homework help


  • Describe the difference      between Transformational Leadership from other types of Leadership.
  • Describe the importance of      Strategic Leadership in today’s economy that is experiencing the greatest      transformation (the 4th Industrial Revolution) due to A.I.,      globalization, workforce demographic shifts (domestic and international),      etc.
  • How do strategic leaders      leverage Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? How      will you?
  • Based on your personal      development plan, your personal SWOT analysis, and your professional      portfolio, describe the strengths you possess to become a strategic      leader.  Describe one of your      weaknesses and what steps you will take to build upon that competency. Management homework help
  • This assessment should      reflect your learnings over the past three semesters. How has the work you have done and the      experiences you have had shaped your personal improvement plan to reach      your leadership potential? How you have changed? What were the most      critical learnings? What will be your greatest takeaway in your personal      improvement plan to reach your leadership capacity, self-awareness and      promotion? How will you apply these learnings to be a more effective,      inclusive leader?

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